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Bank Management  

A Decision-Making Perspective

S. Scott MacDonald, Timothy W. Koch, Randall E. Duran, Vic Edwards
ISBN-10: 9814416134     ISBN-13: 9789814416139
Cengage Learning Asia; 1st edition (February 28, 2014)
864 pages

Bank Management: A Decision-Making Perspective closely examines the impact of today’s changing, competitive environment on banks and banking services, as well as the entire financial services industry. It reflects the latest developments, from comprehensive regulatory updates to details of the many new programs that have arisen from recent financial crises. Whether you are already in the financial services industry or will be a future banking professional, you will gain a better understanding of the risks associated with loans and securities, the process of securitization, excessive leverage and inadequate liquidity, technology and operations, and also gain insights into the banking markets in Asia and the United States.

The book provides a framework for developing effective strategies for bank managers to maintain an effective balance between generating profits and taking risks. Its unique approach to presenting bank management from a decision-making perspective shows how bank managers make solid financial decisions. You will see how decisions in one area affect performance and opportunities in other areas. In addition, you will develop a solid foundation of understanding based on knowledge of the current issues that bank managers face. As you become familiar with basic financial models used to formulate decisions, you will better understand the strengths and weaknesses of data analysis.

Introduction to the Major Asian Banking Markets—In Chapters 2, 3, 13, 14, and 15, Vic Edwards describes the banking industry in East Asia and Southeast Asia, with strong emphasis on China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Topics discussed include the practice of guanxi in Asian banking, government policies and regulations, measurement of bank performance, credit policy and loan characteristics, and credit rating agencies.

Insights on Banking Technology and Operations—In Chapter 18, Randall Duran discusses banking technology and operations, which are key success determinants for banks. Key business concerns, organizational structures, and operational risk considerations are reviewed, and he also discusses how operations and technology are managed, in terms of strategy, personnel, processes, and governance.


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